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Humidifier On Window — AC repair Seaford in Yorktown, VA
Excessive dust, pet dander, indoor pollutants and dryness can trigger allergies. Wright's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can provide substantial relief to allergy sufferers with products from Honeywell™, Aprilaire™ and RGF™, amongst others.

The Benefit of Humidifiers

Many people suffer from fry skin, nose, throat & lips during the cold winter months & throughout the year. Humidifiers are a simple solution to prevent discomfort as well as providing several other benefits. Humidifier help to prevent the spread of airborne Viruses, snoring, makes your home feel warmer, may relieve allergy symptoms, prevent static & prevent damage to wood. The experts at Wright's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. would be glad to discuss your options with you & recommend the best solution for your home or office.
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Keeping the Air Clean

The air in your home can be up to seven times as polluted as the air you breathe outside. Wright's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers the latest indoor air-quality innovations that help make the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.

The equipment that we install such as our electronic air cleaners can filter out not only dust, but pollen, pet dander, even the flu virus. Our variable drive equipment is designed for constant air filtration to maximize performance and health in your home.

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